Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Monday

It’s a sleepy, rainy Monday today. After such a busy week last week, and a weekend jam-packed with chores and social events, I decided today was a good day to play hooky with my daughter. I feel like a bad mom, keeping her out of school, but because I’ve been so busy lately, I really missed just being cozy and focusing only on her. So today we planned to paint Easter eggs and watch her favorite Harry Potter movie. Unfortunately, all this rain has kept me on edge. I can hear the water trickling into my basement at a steady pace. We also have one sick chicken that we quarantined and it looks like her new home is becoming too wet for her to be comfortable. Perhaps it’s time to call my hubby, so he can play hooky too and worry about chickens and wet basements and child rearing while we drift off to sleep watching Harry Potter.

ps: Blogger doesn't want to post my image today. Hmmm...anyone else having this problem?