Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life Told in Recipes

I have food memories that are pretty bland. Like the onion casserole that my family has been serving probably since the 1800's. If you try to leave this dish out of any family occasion, you will be mocked and harassed for the next fifty years. I think the authors of Life Told in Recipes would appreciate this little story. Life Told in Recipes is the creative chronicle of Janet and Rachel, a mother-daughter team that endearingly realized that food is much more than what we eat. “It's about love and sharing and friends and family. It's about life...told in recipes.” Their relaxed style invites you in, so you feel as though you’re at their kitchen table sharing tales of childhood treats, kitchen design woes and realistic meal solutions for everyday living. It makes you think about your own food history and the memories that make you smile, and it leaves you feeling full with their good conversation.