Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Best in Show

These purty little show ribbons cover one whole wall in my dad's home. He proudly displays his winnings from his days of taking his Toggenburg goats from show to show. I just love how they're so frilly and colorful. The colors are now all faded and soft, making them even more charming. Vintage show ribbons offer so many great design possibilities. Stop by Homegrown to see how they can add a little something to a wedding bouquet. Or click here to see Danny Seo's clever wreath made of horse ribbons. Wouldn't they be cute in a little girl's bedroom too? I know my dad will not part with his ribbons, so I think I'll start scouring the flea markets.


Jessica Zee said...

I love the idea of turning the ribbons into a wreath! They'd also be really fun to make your own versions of, with clever text for prizes you ought to have won ;-).

Low Tide High Style said...

What a great use for old vintage ribbons! I know a woman who has been showing horses for years now and she has all of her ribbons displayed on the walls in her office. It's very impressive and colorful!

Kat :)

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Congratulations to your dad for such wonderful goats! i once saw some ribbons on a curtain rod across the bar with a pair of sheers hanging as curtains. I think it was pottery barn and it made me want to convert my girls bedroom to a horse theme.