Monday, June 20, 2011

Garden Decor

Cultivating a garden, whether it’s packed with perennials or produce, is a labor of love. Some plants need endless TLC, weeds seem to win the battle by July, and insects can wreak havoc in the blink of an eye. But garden décor…well, that’s the fun part.

For me, adding small pieces of man-made garden décor, is like adding the final touches to a freshly painted room. It’s the easy part, and it’s the moment when I feel like I can finally sit back and admire my hard work. These little garden jewels, such as the cast iron Garden Sign, tend to put a smile on my face, as I stumble across them.
Some act as more than décor: our Rustic Wire Picnic Basket gets put to work at harvest time, and Numbered Row Markers look handsome as they organize little seedlings. Bee Skeps, made with natural fibers, add a touch of cottage garden charm, but they also come in handy for protecting small plants against the danger of frost.
My motto: Keep garden décor simple. It should blend into the landscape with ease. After all, Mother Nature is the real star of the show.