Monday, June 6, 2011

Doe a deer

I spotted this family of deer across the street at dusk the other night. One-by-one they made their way from the brush to the clearing. There were about five or six of them. Every sighting is exciting to me. Such beautiful creatures.


ChRiS said...

love seeing them aunt and uncle have a pet 1 its bout 3 yrs old now....actually is the neighbor hood's pet deer.......anyways they put a orange vest on it during deer season and it worked she showed up few days after season was done !

Heaven's Walk said...

We love seeing them wander through our property at dusk. They always stop and drink from the birdbath we have sitting by the old outhouse next to the barn. So glad that we can give them a drink on their journey! :)

xoxo laurie

cara said...

this is great, they seem like such beautiful animals. i love seeing strange creatures wander through my property. there's a family of kangaroos living near my dam.