Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Room

It's so gratifying to receive all your nice comments about my slipcover. Here's a closer look at the complete room--new sofa and all. The sofa is soooo comfortable. The feather blend cushions are plump and cozy, which is heaven compared to my last foam-filled sofa. You can also see the grain sack picture that I was working on last year over the sofa along with a picture of Joan Didion (one of my favorite writers) that I painted. I'm sure I'll keep fussing with this room until garden season begins. Once the warmer weather comes I won't go near this room. I'll be outside as much as possible. Thanks again for your comments.

Here are a few details as to how I accomplished the slip cover project:

I made the pattern by tracing the shape of the chair onto big sheets of paper.

I made templates of the back, the side, and the seat cushion. I actually played with the paper templates, pinning them to the chair to figure out how each piece would need to connect. Then I pinned each template to the drop cloth and traced the pattern onto the fabric, adding an inch all around.

I sewed the outer back and sides together first. Then I added the inner back, followed by the inner arms, and the front skirt was attached last.

I'm pretty sure that the drop cloth I mentioned yesterday should still be available at Home Depot.

Hope I've inspired you to give it a try.