Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jam Pots

Like a lot of people nowadays, I try save money by buying in bulk: butter, jams and jellies, ketchup and mustard, grains and cereals—stuff we use frequently or that keeps well.

Trouble is, big tubs of butter and jam—things we use nearly every day—are hard to use around the kitchen, hog too much space on the breakfast table, and look just awful.

Adorable glass jam pots to the rescue.

A stalwart of the traditional farmhouse kitchen—when every staple of the family diet came in bulk—the jam pot is essentially a modified serving bowl with a fitted cover. The idea is as simple as the uses are endless.

The Glass Jam Pots I’m using—new at Farmhouse Wares—are the perfect size for butter, jam, jelly, honey, condiments, relish, chutney or just about anything you want to keep on hand, ready to use, in the cupboard, fridge or on the kitchen counter. The vintage style glass jar is solid and practical. The cloth lid fits snug, has a waterproof inner lining and is machine washable. A touch of nostalgia along with a heap of function is just what every modern farmhouse needs.