Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Speaking of Blackberries

Speaking of Blackberries: Treat your skin with the moisturizing bliss of Royal Jelly Body Butter. Infused with the fresh scent of blackberries, it's like summer in a bottle. Featured in this month's Southern Living, Royal Jelly is "normally reserved to feed the queen bee."

The most precious product of the hive, Royal Jelly is a 'Cinderella' substance that turns a worker bee into a Queen...and allows her to live 40 times longer than the average bee as a result. Replete with a multitude of vitamins, proteins, lipids and sugars, this amazing natural substance is known for its nourishing and deep moisturizing properties--as well as its ability to promote skin's elasticity and a smooth appearance.

Royal Jelly Body Butter is one luscious treat for summer skin. We're offering free shipping on Royal Jelly Body Butter at Farmhouse Wares.


Simply Mel said...


I just opened my box from Farmhouse Musings...and I'm over the moon with delight! Such exquisite scents and lovely items to behold! Thank you!

Bees are so fascinating aren't they? Great post!


farmhouse wares said...

Mel, It is my pleasure. Thank you so much for supporting our store and the Arapawa goats. Much appreciated.

LuLu said...

Oh my goodness it sounds wonderful. I have to go on line and do some needed shopping at your store!

Simply Mel said...

Betsy...just an FYI,
posted about your lovely store today! Check it out!


Heather said...

This sounds amazing! I need to order...

the vert said...

I have tried Royal Jelly body butter. Its a natural product. Works fine with no side effect. Contains only natural ingredients. It contains no harmful ingredients.