Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blackberry Galette

We have an abundance of wild blackberries in our yard. It's been a summer ritual to try and collect the berries before the birds have their way with them. My daughter and her friend went on a berry picking adventure while dreaming up some story that they lived in a cabin and had to live off the land (Perhaps we've been watching too much Dick Proenneke. I'll post more about him another time). After a bit, they came back, but her friend was holding her arm. She appeared to bleeding. I rushed her inside and applied a warm wash cloth, which promptly turned purple. "I don't know too many kids that have purple blood," I said with a grin. They enjoyed a long laugh about tricking me with their blackberry blood, and then they showed me the bounty of berries they had acquired.

I had just read a recipe for a plum and blueberry galette in Family Circle, so I put them to work on their own galette. Of course, they used a ready-made pie crust, and they added some fresh strawberries. Just 40 minutes later their summer treat was ready. We shared the fruits of their labor, tall glasses of cold milk, and a good laugh about the blackberry boo boo.