Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Easter Entertaining and Decorating

Easter is my daughter's favorite holiday. Well, one of her top faves. She also loves Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween and St. Patrick's Day. (She was born on St.Patty's Day.)

She loves the idea of a magical bunny leaving oodles of fun things crammed into a big basket. (I'm a little embarrassed at how much I indulge her.) Every year I hide her basket and leave bunny footprints as clues. I make the footprints by sprinkling powder on a template of a paw I cut out of cardboard. She’s probably not going to fall for it this year. Even if she suspects there is no Easter Bunny, I have a feeling she wouldn’t let on for fear she’d stop receiving the bounty. (She has her ways of indulging me too.)

After the basket and egg hunt, my family is pretty casual about the day. We spend our time playing with Grandpa’s animals. (The sheep shown in the picture above really needs a haircut.) Then we gather for dinner. Now there’s not a lot of us, and we all know each other, so you may ask why on earth do we need place cards. Well, there’s a very good explanation. You see, some of my chairs are pretty old and rickety, so I have to be careful where I place the adults. I try to give them the most comfortable seats. It’s all very strategic. I love the Farm Animal Place Card Holders (show above). They're very appropriate for our farmhouse gatherings. The Scramble Ice Napkins by Potluck Studios (also shown above) are also a nice, casual touch. The light blue color feels very spring-like for this occassion. They’re so easy to care for that it makes it easy to save some trees and forgo the paper.