Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Recycled Glassware from Green Glass Company

The Clean Air Council reports that the amount of glass bottles Americans throw away could have filled both World Trade Center Towers every two weeks. Farmhouse Wares has found one small US company that’s doing their part to keep the bottles out of the landfills and on your table.

The Green Glass Company brings you artfully designed glassware from recycled wine and beer bottles. Besides saving the landfills from more garbage, it also saves a lot more energy to make these recycled goblets and tumblers compared to producing glass from scratch.

The Green Glass Company doesn’t waste a drop of this recycled glass. They can take a Napa wine bottle and produce two separate drinking glasses. The bottle is cut into two pieces, creating a tumbler from the bottom portion of the bottle and a goblet from the top portion of the bottle. The Recycled Willow Goblet (above) is created by flaring the mouth to form the base, then twisting the neck closed to fashion the bowl of the goblet. Pretty fancy!

Revered throughout Europe and other parts of the world as collectable art glass, The Green Glass Company goblets have even been chosen for the table of King Carlos of Spain, a former Mayor of New York City, movie sets, and celebrity dinners. Just think…you can make a difference just by sipping your next beverage in recycled glassware.

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