Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Sound Sound

Recently, I took my daughter to the park. It was late in the afternoon and my iced coffee wasn't doing the trick, so I had that lethargic, can-I-really-be-this-tired-or-do-I-have Lyme-disease feeling. I let her go run and play, while I sat on a bench and closed my eyes. The air was perfect with a friendly breeze. I could hear the kids playing. It reminded me of days when I would be drifting off to sleep on the beach. The sound of waves and kids building sand castles lulled me into a dreamy state. Then a woman walked by my park bench. I cracked an eye open to acknowledge her. She said, "Don't you wish they had adult playgrounds right next to this, so we could work-out while they play?" I laughed and said that would be great. But I lied, because I was quite content doing nothing and having nothing to do so I could just listen to sound of kids playing.