Friday, June 12, 2009

puss 'n boots

It's that time of year when our cat Fluffy becomes...well, not so fluffy. You see, Fluffy has soooooo much hair that he gets quite uncomfortable in the summer heat. Not to mention he gets furballs the size of Rhode Island, and those can be painful for him. Shaving day is always traumatic for Mr. Fluff. But our vet is very good about it, and the technicians treat him like a celebrity, which he just loves. This year they shaved everything but his lion mane, the end of his tail and his feet. Now he looks like he has little boots on. It also looks like he could dust my house with that tail.

The really traumatic part though--his girlfriend, Katrina, snubs him for days after the event. It breaks my heart too. She's really not supportive at all. In fact, she completely takes off and doesn't bother coming home for days. We've been giving him tons of extra love. But she came home today, sniffing around him like nothing ever happened. I think he should pull out his best Nancy Sinatra impression and tell her "these boots are made for walking". What do you think?