Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great Gift Ideas for Great Moms

There's still time to get your mom something a little different for Mother's Day. Our Shell Salt and Pepper Shakers from stylish Potluck Studios are great for moms who love the beach house look. They're made from cruelty free shells and are just $15 a pair.

Eco-friendly moms will love our Wood Compote. Also from Potluck Studios, this compote is handcrafted from plantation-sourced, renewable mango wood. Just $48.

Garden lovers will appreciate the colorful, fun style of our French Dot Garden Pots. Give her one of each color. Just $14.95 each.

If there's a mom with a sweet tooth then the Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce Gift Trio is the way to go. This hot fudge sauce is insanely good. Made from farm fresh ingredients, it tastes so yummy, most people end up eating it right out of the jar. Just $19.95

Our Damier Red Salad Bowl is perfect for those with a love of vintage-inspired kitchenware. It has a French farmhouse feel and is only $49.95.

There you go! Five great ideas--all under $50.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Green Glass' Recycled Cactus Tumblers

Celebreate Cinco de Mayo with these Recycled Cactus Tumblers. They're made from the bottom of the popular Mexican Sol beer bottle by the Green Glass Co., so there is no better way to enjoy your Cinco de Mayo libations. Perfect for summer picnics or evenings on the patio! Get your Recycled Glass Tumblers today at Farmhouse Wares. Set of 4 just $32.50.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mother's Day Sale at Farmhouse Wares

Hooray to all the hard-working moms out there! Farmhouse Wares would like to help you celebrate Mother's Day by offering the gift of 15% off any purchase today thru April 23, 2008. Just enter code "mom08" upon checkout.

Farmhouse Wares has plenty of great Mother's Day Gift ideas. Our Potluck Studios Trumpet Vase is just $34.00 and comes in three modern shades. You could get Mom a one-of-a-kind pillow, hand-made with vintage linens, handkerchiefs and buttons--also just $34.00.

We hope you'll stop by.

P.S. Thanks Mom and Peg for your endless TLC and support.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Farmhouse Love

A few years ago Fluffy, the furball on the left, came knocking at our door. He was a charming stray, and my family instantly fell for him. Two weeks later he brought his girlfriend home. I guess you could say we're flexible parents, as we let her move in too. We named her Katrina (the dreamy one to the right). I have never seen two cats so in love and kind to each other. They're an inspiration--a daily reminder that being kind can result in cozy behavior.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cool Mom Picks Mother's Day Gift Guide

It's here and we're in it! I'm talking about the annual Mother's Day Gift Guide from Cool Mom Picks. Cool Mom Picks is a popular shopping blog for moms, recently featured in Real Simple magazine's Best of Blog feature last month.

As the Cool Mom authors say, "the mother of all holidays is upon us." This guide is chock-full of great finds all organized by every type of mom you can imagine. Cool Mom Picks also reminds us to “keep in mind that when you shop their recommends, you are most often supporting independent designers and companies--heck even some mamas themselves--who work hard to create and sell the stuff that cool moms love.”

Farmhouse Wares is delighted to have our McBride Beauty Cucumber and Aloe Body Lotion featured under “For the Mother-in-Law Who You Have No Freaking Idea What to Get”. This ultra yummy lotion is made with cucumber hydrosol, which soothes skin and puts an end to itching, not to mention it has the most refreshing scent on the planet. We're offering free shipping on McBride Beauty for a limited time too.

In honor of all the cool moms out there Farmhouse Wares’ is offering 10% off any purchase of $50 or more from today through April 14, 2008. Simply enter the code “coolmom” upon checkout at Farmhouse Wares .

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rekindled Affair with a Rope Chair

About 12 years ago my sister found this folding rope chair at a tag sale. She paid like $2.00 for it. I was instantly smitten and offered her a LOT more. She could smell my desperation and so she became quite the negotiator—upping the ante with each new bid. Eventually we landed on a price, and I walked away with the chair and a husband that was rolling his eyes (or was he wincing?). Anyway, I’ve neglected the chair since we moved here 10 years ago. It never really fit anywhere in my small house. So down to the basement it went. Just yesterday I received my issue of Renovation Style (love that magazine), and there it was—my folding rope chair in pristine glory—on the cover. My heart started beating. I suddenly needed that chair to be front and center in my living room. I felt just like I had 12 years ago when I first saw it. Well the years of neglect have turned the rope lacing and the wood all gray and moldy. Why I stored it in our damp basement I’ll never know. When I showed my husband the magazine I was pleased to see that he seemed to have the same fond reaction, fraught with blame of course: “I loved that chair. You never should have put it in the basement.” I was going to take a picture to show you, but it’s too depressing. So, I’m going to look into restoring it. I’ll keep you posted as I discover how to bring this very expensive two dollar chair back to its full potential.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blogs I Coveiter

I wanted to take a moment to gush at how thrilled I was to have sk*rt editor, Simplesong write about Farmhouse Wares. Not only did she sk*rt about our cake stands, we also had the honor of being on her beautiful and inspiring blog Simplesong. Her blog is full of refreshing design inspiration. We are flattered that she highlighted Farmhouse Wares. She found us through Coveiter, which is another savvy design blog with fresh finds and all kinds of things you'll want to covet.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Recycling the Past

At the first hint of summer I start to get all shabby chic. I just love the idea of cool cotton that's soft and worn out. The little flowery patterns seem to summon some lazy time. I guess it’s a simple, breezy beach house feel that I’m craving.

When my friend Kate showed me her sister’s vintage fabric pillows I felt the urge to rock on a porch and sip lemonade. Mary Beth’s hand-made Vintage Pillows take you back in time.

What I really love about her pillows is that she blends the old with the new effortlessly. She’s recycling the past. Scouring flea markets and tag sales for vintage fabric and buttons, Mary Beth takes her vintage finds and repurposes them as comfy pillows. Many of them contain unique designs on both sides, so you get two designs in one. This kind of thrift is not so shabby but very chic.