Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Take Precautions

The Swine Flu is just scary. When it comes to proactively protecting ourselves the experts repeat--over and over--wash your hands. But there are times when we simply don't have access to soap and water. Most every mom I know carries some type of hand sanitizer in her purse. They come in handy at the playground, the office or school, and when traveling. Trouble is, most conventional hand purifiers aren't that healthy. Most are packed with alcohol, which can damage the skin, actually leaving you more susceptible to germs. There's also concern that synthetic antibacterials cause germ resistance or "super germs".

Clean George is a healthy alternative. Clean George is the only hand purifier of its kind on the market that is alcohol free and moisturizes the skin. Clean George is an all-natural hand purifier, packed with an array of purifying & moisturizing ingredients supplied by responsible companies who practice sustainable agriculture. Clean George does not promote germ resistance or "SUPER GERMS" - Tea Tree and Manuka Oils have been working in harmony with nature for centuries. All ingredients have been painstakingly selected with safety, efficacy and the environment in mind.

Clean George has ECOCERT*, Certified Organic, FSC* Certified ingredients and is a member of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC).