Saturday, April 18, 2009

Have Some Fun

Make time for some good, old-fashioned, carefree fun this weekend.

Image and inspiration from The Lisa Porter Collection.


Amy said...

you know what crazy? I can't find a bike like that one, except maybe a 3-gear instead of a cruiser...for under $300! Even Craigslist is crazy with people who want a lot for these bikes. I want one too, sniff, sniff.

flax and spindle said...

had a great old bike that I got for 5 bucks at a yard sale...I was a bad owner and let it got rusty in the rain. :(

Lisa said...

Come to Lexington this summer and we will ride bikes around the bluegrass!
Thanks for the mention. The really great cruiser bikes are still around. You would be amazed at what folks have hanging in their garage. Make an offer. You might be surprised.

Lisa said...

oh i forgot to mention that i have added you to my daily reads & i love my farmhouse wares updates!
always fun to visit.