Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sew What! Bags

Take one look in my closets and you'll quickly learn that I have a bit of a thing for bags. Doesn't every girl? Imagine being able to create your own bags with fabrics you love. Think you don't have the time or expertise? Designer Lexie Barnes makes it easy in her new book,"Sew What! Bags."

Lexie shows you how to create bags with pockets where you need them, straps that feel good on your shoulder, and dimensions that work for whatever you want to carry. Lexie's simple instructions make it painless and fun to sew totes, messenger bags, drawstring sacks, handbags, and much more--exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it.

Trust me, if there is anyone who can appreciate the need for great, functional design it's Lexie. She's a busy mom with four young boys, an entrepreneur and self-taught designer with her own successful line of handbags and accessories, and she is also the founder and director of Twist, a contemporary craft and arts event in Northampton, MA.

Don't you think "Sew What! Bags" makes a great Mother's Day gift? Better yet, make them a bag from one of the book's 18 pattern free projects. Get sewing.

Get "Sew What! Bags" at Farmhouse Wares.