Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Chicken Coop

Last spring my daughter's class had several chicks they hatched and raised for a short while. She was hooked, so my husband began building a chicken coop for her. They were thinking of something small,
but I was thinking Martha Stewart.
You know, something simple like Martha's Turkey Hill coop shown above.
And with some style. Like Eleanor Mondale's coop from Country Living. Love the chandelier. A coop needs good lighting.

This is what we have so far. It's a work in progress, but considering the chicks are supposed to be here for Easter, we better make some more progress ASAP. Now, Martha called her coop Palais de Poulet and Eleanor calls hers Cluckingham Palace. I think we need a good name. Any ideas?


Absolutely Not Martha said...

ooh, thanks for the link love, betsy! i just noticed it now.

Amy said...

You have a chicken coop? I have CC envy! I remember as a 6 year old taking the eggs from the hen house of my great-grandmother's chicken coop. They were warm. It was quiet and the light. The light and shadows have always held my attention. Especially sunlight and dust motes.

Chez Poulet.

farmhouse wares said...

Amy, Chez Poulet is very funny. I'm hoping to create the same sweet memories for my daughter.

Lindsey said...

Chateau des Chicks
I see so much potential in your CC. And I'm pretty jealous too!

{ Lindsey }

HeddyShea said...

How about The "Chic"-ken Coop! You know you can pronounce it with a funny accent! ha!ha!


Rebecca said...

Our granddaughters got chickens last spring for a 4-H projects. They started them in their basement in a kids swimming pool with a heat lamp over top to keep them warm.

We are now enjoying fresh eggs. Our coop is now fancy but it works. Martha's looks tooo nice for chickens.

One chicken died yesterday. We had two sad girls but then that is a lesson in life also.

I discovered your wonderful blog yesterday. I will be back to visit often.

alecat said...

That's a pretty snazzy coop there. It puts my very humble, quickly constructed one to shame!!
We're in the process of making a new, more modern one, but still not quite to the standard you have there!
What DID you decide to call your coop?

farmhouse wares said...

Alecat, Still haven't landed on the name yet.

Anonymous said...

How about Chookcago.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am sure you have named it by now but as I was stopping by to check out your coop the cutest name came to mind ~ The Poulet Chalet ~ Happy nesting to the girls!! And yummy omlets to you and your family! ♥

Anonymous said...

How about "La Cages Aux Polles"?