Wednesday, July 6, 2011

chicken report {no. 13}

Here's one good reason to carry a flashlight out to the coop at night. That little fellow on the bottom looks mighty cozy, but it could have been a stinking disaster.

There are so many nights when I hurry out there in the dark, too lazy to look for the flashlight, and stick my hands in the nesting boxes, fishing for eggs. You'd think I would have learned my lesson when my husband encountered a prickly possum hiding in the coop this spring. He didn't have a light with him, but he quickly realized something didn't sound right and went back for it. This picture is actually my brother-in-law's coop. He put it on facebook with the caption: "reason #6 to pack a flashlight when tending to the coop in the dark." I can't wait to ask him what reason number 1-5 are. I'll keep you posted.