Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a sweet valentine tradition

Making Valentine's Day cards with my daughter has become a sweet little tradition that I really cherish. We found time during the last snow storm to start making a batch for her classmates. She loves getting all sticky with glue and glitter and letting her creativity flow, but most of all, I think she just loves having my full attention. In this busy life, there's nothing sweeter than that.


Sanctuary Home said...

That is sweet! Cherish every moment with your daughter. Time flies so quickly. My three are all grown up and out on their own. It seems like just yesterday they were little and demanding my attention. I feel bad for everytime I said, "Not now, I'm busy", it's funny, because now I can't imagine what could be more important than spending quality time with them.
Susan : )


Destiny said...

The last part of your post says it all! So true! My little girl loves Craft Night because she gets all of my attention! Great memories can be created! We are planning to make Valentines this week too. Have a great week! ~Destiny

Dawn said...

Oh what fun!!! ANd you're right....there is nothing better:)
Hope you both have a wonderful (and creatively messy) time:))

Robin said...

The two of you must have had a great time. I love her creations.

Southern Lady said...

I remember when my girls were little and wanted to make Valentines. They don't do that anymore...enjoy every moment! Carla