Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm no spring chicken

I have had my share of shoveling snow this winter. I shovel to the coop. I shovel to the wood pile. I shovel a path for the oilman. I shovel all the snow that the plow guy did not remove. I shovel all the piles of snow that the plow guy put in my way. I shovel around the foundation. Anyway, you get the point. I'm thrilled to burn tons of calories, but I'm one sore lady. Luckily, we have Spring Chicken Muscle Rub . Rub this cinnamon scented concoction into tired, sore, aching muscles, and all of a sudden, you’ll feel warm, soothing relief! Made with pure cassia and peppermint essential oils, plus heat expressed Calendula oil (used for centuries for inflammation and pain relief, as well as cell regeneration). All the above is mixed into a great, soothing and vitamin rich canola oil gel.

After a warm shower, I massage the rub in and my whole body says, "Ahhhhh." Its scent is heavenly, too, which works wonders on my aching mind. (More snow tomorrow!)

This all natural, old-fashioned remedy is a must-have for the medicine chest.


Southern Lady said...

Try not to work too hard! Carla

The Domestic Chick said...

I might have to order some of the miracle salve:)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Wow it does sound heavenly. I like the scent of cinnamon too.

Heaven's Walk - said...

I hear ya, girl! I had to shovel the snowdrift away from my door in order to let my dog out Thursday morning! Yikes! As I tromped and stumbled my way to the barn to check on the barn cats, I was in thigh-deep snow! Double yikes!

Spring IS right around the corner...right....? lol!

xoxo laurie