Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow day for cows

Everyone is busy clearing snow today, except these girls. They found a nice clear patch where they can bask in the sun.

Photo by my very talented brother-in-law.


WhiteWhispers2u said...

They are so cute! Very pretty in the snow too.I love cows and not to eat them, even though do at times.~Cheers Kim

Bonnie said...

Love it!

Pat said...

I love this. Brings back good memories of not so long ago! Great photo!

Verde Farm said...

Oh my gosh-love this picture. It is so beautiful. Lots of snow for sure. Hope you are staying warm. Come by and visit us sometime at Verde Farm if you get a chance :)

All That Jazz said...

Very cool~ they've got hay, too! ;-) They look very content.
Love the nesting crates feature on your sidebar. I won them on a blog giveaway, when The Lettered Cottage had a shop and was selling them. I don't have them displayed yet because I don't have a wall in my kitchen big enough....

Beyond My Garden said...

Love these cows. Congratulations to your brother-in-law on a great photo. Here is my latest cow photo at the end of this blog posting:
Thanks for giving me a smile on another snowy day.

Jennifer said...

I'd liked the photos.
Nice shot.
It's totally awesome.

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Erin said...

What a beautiful, peaceful picture! Well, for the cows, that is.