Monday, January 10, 2011

Lemon Aid for Winter

Has winter got you a little down? Let the fresh scent of lemon pick you up. Try doing the laundry with this trio of Farmhouse Laundry products, in Lemon Verbena. You’ll feel like you’ve just escaped to someplace warm and sunny. The Farmhouse Laundry products, by Sweet Grass Farm work hard to brighten and clean while you get to fill the house, and your clothes, with the fresh, cheerful scent of Lemon Verbena.

When it comes time for chores around the house why not multi-task and enjoy a little aromatherapy. The Farmhouse Furniture Wax is perfect for making your day and your furniture a little brighter. And don’t forget the Lemon Verbena Dish Soap and All-Purpose Spray Cleaner. You’ll be amazed how a little lemon can bring a lot of happiness.

Farmhouse Laundry Powder is low sudsing, biodegradable and excellent for front loader washers. It contains no harsh chemicals. Great for those with sensitive skin.

Farmhouse Fabric Softener is good for all fabric types and is made of natural, biodegradable ingredients. Softens and brightens.

Farmhouse Laundry Sachets are an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets and work great in drawers or suitcases.

Farmhouse Furniture Wax is made with the hardest of natural waxes, including carnauba, which nourishes your fine wood furniture and leaves it with a beautiful, protective sheen.

Farmhouse Dish Soap is an all natural, plant based cleanser that contains non of the harsh and toxic chemicals of the mass-market brands. So, it is very safe to use yet tough on grease.

Farmhouse All-Purpose Spray Cleaner is suitable for windows, counter tops, woodwork, bathroom and kitchen surfaces. The effective formula quickly neutralizes grease, fingerprints, and grime, while leaving a wonderful, fresh fragrance behind.