Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Town Meeting: This Land is Our Land

Last night we attended town meeting to vote on new zoning guidelines, which are designed to protect and preserve the agricultural farmland and forest areas of our rural town. My neighbors were part of this zoning board, and they worked tirelessly to create guidelines that would be fair for all. It’s noble work. I am deeply grateful that they are willing to volunteer their time to this cause. Farming is such a big part of this community, that the thought of over-development with traditional subdivisions would break my heart. So I was pleased when it passed town meeting virtually without opposition. It seems that, in addition to preserving the open space that creates distances between us, it also managed to bring our community closer together.


Cindy said...

Your lucky..this could of gone so bad!! I wish our community had done this years is too late now!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

LuLu said...

that's fantastic you live in a community that wants the best for everyone,

Karen said...

That's so nice to hear that you have a community like that!

Southern Lady said...

I am glad for the positive outcome for your community. Carla