Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Special Offer with June Cleaver?

Would you like to save 15% off your next Farmhouse Wares order? Then pop on over to A Year in The Life of June Cleaver. There's a special coupon code waiting for you.

You'll be happy you did too because Jessie, the creater of the June Cleaver project, has so many fun things going on at her blog.

Jessie says she started the June Cleaver project because "I felt like my life just consisted of me running around from one thing to the next with no benefit to anyone—not to my family or to myself. I wanted to get off the crazy ride I felt like I was on and live a more simple and happy life. I thought about prior generations and what history tells us were “easier” and “simpler” times. I kept coming back to the 1950’s and envisioning June Cleaver from television’s Leave It To Beaver. So, here I am! I am on a mission to do the following: try and live a more value-driven life as a more “hands-on” mom; have more organization in my home and life; lead a more simple life; get back to basics in many ways; be a happy homemaker; and be a better mom, wife and person. (and all with a sense of humor, too!!!)"

Now who can't relate to that? Check out A Year in the Life of June Cleaver and get your coupon code for 15% off your next Farmhouse Wares order.