Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making Clothespin People

My daughter wanted to make some clothespin people to hang on the tree, so I pulled out the giant tub of craft goodies and let her go to it. I gave her some tips and ideas and went off to tackle my chores. Two minutes later she requested glue gun assistance, and I was happy to help because...well it's a glue gun and it gets blooming hot. As soon as I touched the clothespin and fuzzy piece of felt I was hooked. Next thing I know, I'm controlling the entire show, making squads of soldiers, Native American tribes, pilgrim villages and angels. My daughter had long- abandoned the project while I obsessed over new ways to make hair and dresses. Already accustom to these craft endeavors turning into marathon sessions, my daughter rolled her eyes as I continued to imagine new clothespin people. Needless to say, we have way too many to hang on the tree, so these little wooden friends will adorn the tops of Christmas presents for friends and family. I do believe it will be a while before my daughter wants to craft with me again.