Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great Gift for Teachers or for Stockings

My friends are always asking me for great gift ideas to show their appreciation to the teachers that watch over their little ones all year. My favorite is this All the Better to Kiss you with Organic Lip Balm set. It includes three lip balms in adorable vintage style tins: Pepperminty, Lavender Vanilla and Chai Mandarin. They taste clean and yummy, and they bring instant relief to chapped lips no matter the season. USDA Certified Organic, they're a healthier choice, which teachers appreciate. The set also makes a very cute stocking stuffer for kids or perhaps a favorite friend. It's just $17.99 for the set of three and we're offering free shipping, so stock up!


Jo said...

What a fabulous gift to receive.

You white post is lovely ~ I'm really into white this season.

How was your trip to Plimoth? It's a fun place to visit.


Simply Mel said...

I think I know a certain little someone who needs this in her stocking!

HeddyShea said...

Great gift ideas. I want the lip balm for myself! have a great weekend friend.


heshaojie said...
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mortonseamans said...
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The Lil Bee said...

I love that you included this as a great gift for teachers. So sweet and so true!