Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Rhythm of Raking

I love to rake. It's much like vacuuming. I find the rhythm of raking very soothing and the instant results gratifying. It's a good family chore where we can all get out; get some fresh air and exercise. My daughter likes to hide in the piles, and of course throw them in colorful burst into the air. I have to admit: I get a little panicky when she does though. Don't mess with my clean piles! I have to restrain myself and remember to have some fun. It can be a burden to always want to be neat and tidy. I'm going to try to let loose with the leaves this year. How about you?


Twig - Love Your Home said...

I love to rake leaves too! Unless its in the backyard. The backyard that is shared by 2 boxers. For me, raking the backyard means that I have to watch out for little "surprises" in the leaves. But if we're talking front yard. It's a welcome chore around my house :)

LOVE. YOUR. BLOG. and your store. Oh my goodness!!

Lisa said...

I love the raking too. It's the bending over to pick them all up that I try to avoid. Last year my neighbor got a blower/vaccume thingy....we all just glared at him. It ruined the moment having to listen to that thing.
Darling he yours?

Bevy said...

"Leaf me alone, I'm changing."

Don't mind me & my silly humor - My first thoughts were on how I could so easily tend to be the same about the messing with the leaf piles. I don't want to be like that. I NEED to let loose too and, just relax. Stop the serious and just have fun!!

So, in that I want to change. So often (where there are needs like that in our lives) it's hard to admit and we would rather be left alone, which really isn't good. We need each other to encourage growth and change and the whatever else it all is.

Blessings to you and yours
in your days and seasons of change.
I am fairly new to your blog and I really love the shop (and your blog).

farmhouse wares said...

Twig, yes, those little surprises can really put a damper on the whole rolling in the leaves thing.

Lisa, That's actually my little girl hiding in the leaves.

Bevy, your humor is perfect for me. Clever too.

The Redhead Riter said...

That is the cutest leaf I have ever seen LOL Such a grand picture!