Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poison Ivy Relief

Poison Ivy is so sneaky and vicious this time of year. Everything is so overgrown that it makes it harder to spot. I was working in the garden like a mad woman, pulling weeds and cleaning out. I was on a roll, when suddenly I realized I had just pulled a clump of the wicked weed. I also noticed a batch of it had sprouted up in a walkway that the kids go barefoot on. My husband fell in poison ivy while mountain biking. You’d think he was Meryl Streep in Silkwood the way he scrubbed his body down.

Listening to him complain about itching is not one of my strong points, so I handed over our bottle of Poison Ivy Relief, as I knew it would bring relief on many levels.

This cream is amazing. Traditional herbs are combined to stop the gnawing itch brought on by poison ivy. St. John’swort and burdock root calm the irritation while soothing the skin. Relief at last! Its peppermint scent is great too--uplifting and clean.

Stop by Farmhouse Wares for your Poison Ivy Relief today. It’s a must-have for your first-aid kit.

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Coveiter said...

WOW! I really need to buy some of this! My hubby plays lots of disc golf and always gets various itchy conditions. Right now he is just getting over a case of poison sumac (sp?) Yikes! Thanks for the tip.

{ Lindsey }