Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hazel the Owl

My husband's grandma was all about owls. She had a bathroom filled with owl pictures that we used to call "the room with a thousand eyes". I love this owl photo from blissful images, found via design*sponge.


Carolyn said...

What a pretty little owl.

I love their eyes!

sandra/tx said...

So sweet. Rememer when owls were all the rage in decorating in the 70's? Funny how that trend is coming back. Wonder if we'll see ducks and geese make another splash?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

WHAT is it in the owl that makes them look inherently wise? The soulful eyes? The stoic beak?

If we see ducks and geese, Sandra, lets hope they aren't swathed in pink and blue flower garlands...again!