Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Housekeeping Olympics and the Dishwasher Inspector

Dishwasher Inspector
Believe it or not, I just learned that there is an event called the Housekeeping Olympics. Apparently these go on all over the country. The participants are dedicated to fluffing and primping and being the ultimate clean machine. The competitions include bed making (move over Martha), three-legged vacuum races, and the Johnny mop toss (or something like that). But they don't have a dishwasher loading competition. Gasp! That's like not having gymnastics at the summer Olympics. I must tell you, I am the dishwasher loading diva. I can load faster and more efficient than anyone in the land. My friend Tony thinks he's the best, but we've yet to compete. All I can say to Tony is, "Bring it"! We'll let the Dishwasher Inspector decide who is best.

Photo from flickr