Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Waxing Poetic About Farmhouse Furniture Wax

Cleaning is like meditation for me. I find a lot of satisfaction in cleaning. It calms me. It keeps me focused. I'm not a clean freak, but it is like a sport to me. Before green cleaning products came into fashion I would use the harshest products I could find. I figured, if the fumes burned my eyes it must be burning the grime away too. About eighteen years ago my lung collasped several times. Doctors said it was a condition I was born with, but my husband (he was my boyfriend then) caught me on one of my cleaning frenzies during this time. I was bleaching up a storm and could hardly breathe because the fumes were so intense. He went nuts and told me I was never allowed to clean again. He said he would do all the cleaning from then on. Needless to say, he did not do the cleaning, so I went on the hunt for healthier cleaning alternatives.

The Farmhouse line is like heaven to me because it offers me all I need: effective results along with healthy ingredients. The fact that the scents are like aromatherapy for my soul is icing on the cake. Farmhouse Furniture Wax makes my old wood furniture happy. I mean, my furniture has seen better days. The finishes are worn, but I like their aged patina. The Farmhouse wax nourishes the wood and leaves a protective coating with just the right amount of shine. The thing is, it makes me happy too. The Lemon and Lavender scents make the whole house smell fresh and clean. Now that's got to be better for my lungs and the environment.