Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clean George and Fluffy the Cat

It's been a busy week, so I haven't had much chance to write. My daughter's on school vacation, which is frankly a bit of challenge, especially in February when it's freezing outside and there's not much to do. She's getting a glimpse into my world though. Yesterday was fun. I discovered our cat Fluffy was just a little too fluffy, which was causing a rather unsightly problem in his hind quarters. Let's just say the problem was piling up on itself. Not pretty and very stinky. Mr. Fluffy needed an emergency visit to the vet to get a little grooming. I love my vet. First of all, he and his office staff take such good care of all my animals. Second, he looks like Robert Redford. My daughter came along for the visit. As usual, her six-year-old self was touching everything in sight, including Fluffy, who, as I said, was not a pretty sight. This is where Clean George comes in. I love this stuff as much as I love my vet. Clean George is an all-natural hand purifier. It's soooo much better than the conventional stuff. Conventional brands are loaded with alcohol, which actually dries your skin, causing tiny cracks, which makes you more susceptible to germs. Clean George is great for fighting germs, especially during this flu season. It's packed with purifying & moisturizing ingredients supplied by responsible companies who practice sustainable agricultural and offer a fair and living wage to their workforce. Clean George does not promote germ resistance or "SUPER GERMS".
I used Clean George to keep my daughter clean during this exciting outing. I used the Lovin' Lavender, which kept me clean and calm too. I think I'll need lots more lavender until school starts up again. Get your Clean George today at Farmhouse Wares.