Monday, February 25, 2008

Super Duty Hand Care--It Works!

At some point every winter it seems my hands suddenly become painfully dry. Maybe it's the endless shoveling I've done the last few weeks or the annoyingly dry air--the same dry air that makes me look like I've got "hat head" when I haven't even worn a hat. These extreme winter conditions call for extreme care. Our Super Duty Hand Care lives up to its name. It's a funky little product--not a lotion or cream--more like a salve. It's made by a small New Hampshire company that says,

"We created this salve for an old, cranky Yankee friend who had band-aids covering his raw, chapped fingertips. After one week of use, the band-aids were no longer necessary! Uniquely shaped in a palm-fitting disk, (the cranky Yankee wasn’t going to use any sissy hand lotion) this all-natural beeswax, olive oil, lanolin concoction features lemon and lavender essential oils for a pleasant fragrance. Packaged in a handy tin for toting around."

One user raves, "I just want to let you know how much your Super Duty Hand Care helped me so much. I live in NJ and this whole winter my fingers were cracked and bleeding. They were like sandpaper. I have a 9 month old so I am constantly washing my hands. I had band-aids on every finger and was in so much pain that it hurt just to bend my fingers. I tried all different kinds of lotions and nothing worked. I tried everything. I was looking on-line for something else to try and I came across your Super Duty Hand Care and thought I would give it a try and that I have nothing to lose. Well, I have to say it started working by that evening! I also received it very fast. I use it every morning and night and all the cuts are healed! My dad used it too because his hands were the same as mine. I showed it to my friend and she bought one for herself and one for my brother after she just used it once because it worked so fast. I definitely will be buying more in the winters to come. Thank you so much!"

So if you're really looking to heal those hands, stop using the "sissy lotions" and get your Super Duty Hand Care at Farmhouse Wares for just $6.95.