Saturday, January 19, 2008

You Gotta Know When To Fold 'Em

My sister called me the other day to ask how to fold a fitted sheet. She must have been very bored. Ever since her children left the nest, she's become quite the domestic goddess--much to my entire family's surprise.

I, on the other hand, have been endlessly picked on for my Martha Stewart mentality. I showed overly zealous house cleaning tendencies early on, drawing a piece of masking tape down the middle of the room I shared with my sister in an effort to keep her mess at bay.

So of course my sister would turn to me for domestic advice. The funny thing is, I actually did learn to fold a fitted sheet from Martha, but that was years ago. Now, I couldn't remember any special tricks. The truth is, I don't really mind if my sheets are a little messy ("little" is the keyword here). I consider this a "Good Thing" because I already have too much to fret about. Needless to say, if you must have a perfectly folded fitted sheet visit Better Homes and Garden.