Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Scary--yet wonderful

I had to get out and take advantage of the warm temps today. It was important to get sunshine and away from work and too many cups of coffee for a little bit. I needed a peaceful moment with nature to renew myself. So I went hiking up in the woods. I was blown away by the quiet beauty. The sound of my feet crunching in the melting snow was soothing. As I got deeper into the woods, the wind started to pick up and the clouds thickened.

It didn't take long before my noisy little brain started to invade any hope for peace. I thought about work. I thought about being attacked by a black bear. I thought the high winds would knock a tree on top of me. I imagined having to bite off my arm to escape from being pinned by the giant tree. Worse than some bear or other animal, I thought about being attacked by some stranger lurking in the woods. My heart began to race and I turned to head back to civilization.

I managed my way back to work. I felt safe there and had another cup of coffee.