Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Antique Wood Printers Typesetting Tray and More Vintage Finds

Authentic Vintage Finds from Farmhouse Wares

Formerly used by letterpress printers, these Antique Wood Printer's Typesetting Trays are made of many small compartments that held block letter sets for use by typesetters. Each is one-of-a-kind, so size and compartment design will vary. The vintage, well-worn wood is the result of age and use and gives each tray authentic charm. Upcycled style is easy with this piece: turn it into a shadow box or curio cabinet or get creative and turn it into a small coffee table. S izes vary. Approximately 12" x 31"

These Antique Seltzer Bottles are a true vintage find. Collected throughout the US, each is one-of-a-kind. The vintage glass has an aged, cloudy quality that brings to mind beach glass. The metal valves are firmly sealed onto the bottles and intended to be used as decorative pieces only. Add a piece of US history to your farmhouse kitchen or vintage style bar. 12.5”H

Our Vintage European Grain Sacks were formerly used on farms in Eastern Europe to carry and store wheat, grain and sugar. The sacks are reclaimed from ones that were hand-loomed 50-100 years ago using hemp or flax linen. Each vintage feed sack is very different, displaying unique stripes, color patterns and sometimes family monograms. These marks were used by farmers and their families to individualize their sacks and make them easy to identify when they came back from the mill. They can be washed and softened for a variety of uses in your home. They make great pillows or laundry bags. The well-worn quality of the antique grain sack material gives this product an authentic charm that is perfect fo r farmhouse style decor. Sizes vary: approximately 22"W x 50”-54”L.