Friday, January 14, 2011

a call to order

Every now and then I find the very areas of the house that are supposed to help keep us clean get a little messy themselves. A good example of this is under my kitchen sink or my laundry closet. Because they are not in plain view, they tend to get neglected. Well, it doesn’t take much time to get things back in order. I love storing things in tall jars because I can pack more into small areas. Our Numbered Glass Jars are just the thing for storing my Cascade dishwasher pacs, laundry powder and dryer sachets. Our Wire Gathering Baskets always come in handy for cleaning supplies. Here, I’ve tucked away the dusting supplies, making it easy to travel around the house come cleaning day. It’s these little details that make me happy, because I get antsy with clutter and disorganization. Happy cleaning!