Monday, August 2, 2010

chicken report {no. 10}

I’d like you all to meet broody Judy. Judy has been broody for a few days now. Basically, when a hen becomes broody she stops laying and is overcome by her motherly instincts to incubate her eggs. Broody hens are also moody hens. Judy growls when we try to move her. She’ll peck at you too.

Of course, it’s probably my fault, because I forgot to collect the eggs one day—maybe two. Broody hens are determined girls. They’ll go without food and water, save for once a day, in the effort of keeping those eggs toasty. Judy is very sickly looking from this. Her comb is all flopped over and dull in color. Last night we took the eggs from under Judy and replaced them with ice cubes. She came out for a while and ran around with the others, but she went back in soon after.

I feel bad, because it must be confusing to go against her natural instincts. But she’s not producing and she could compromise her health, especially in this warm weather. She also may be upsetting the other hens by continually occupying the same box. We’ll try the ice again tonight. I know I wouldn’t want to sit on a bed full of frozen cubes, but like I said, Judy is one determined girl. She’s just doing what a girl’s got to do.