Monday, December 1, 2008

Family Heirlooms

Hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving. We had a great time down at my sister's. We enjoyed our traditional family fare, which consists of the same six or so side dishes that I've been eating since I acquired teeth. There are also about 20 different desserts. (You could say the sweet treats are the priority in my family.)

All was pleasant and calm until...I spotted these pilgrim candles. We've had these on our Thanksgiving table since, well since I acquired teeth. How did my older sister manage to get them? My mother confessed that she gave them to my sister a few years ago. Just like that-- a cherished family heirloom transferred without any notice or legal action.

The eldest sibling seems to get all the little heirlooms. However, being the youngest of three, I managed to escape much of the parental wrath that my older sister had to endure. In fact, I wouldn’t trade my place with her for all the paraffin pilgrims in the world. Looking back, I guess she deserves them. That being said, we will have to discuss that antique desk.