Monday, October 27, 2008

Treleela Tea for the Soul

The cold and rainy weather has me feeling out of sorts today. There's nothing quite as comforting as a warm cup of tea on a gloomy day. I'm loving our new line of organic whole leaf teas from Treleela. This tea nourishes and warms the soul, which is no surprise since the company's whole mission is a holistic one--starting with nourishing the very soil they use to cultivate their organic plants. They also take great pride in caring for their family of farmers and respecting this planet we all share.

The naturally fragrant whole leaves are produced using only the tender leaves and young buds--the most nutrient rich parts of the tea plant. This means you can be sure every cup is brimming with health and antioxidants.

What I also love is their funky individual infuser, or Pochette (shown at top). Each contains pre-measured whole leaves for a perfect cup of tea. The Pouchette provides a complete and unrestricted infusion, allowing the whole leaves to unfurl, expressing their true nuance and flavor. Best of all, the convenient pouchette eliminates pots, strainers and cleanup. Yup, I like that. Each Treleela tin contains 14 pouchettes.

There are seven great Treleela teas to choose from at Farmhouse Wares. Let us know your favorite.