Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fresh Farmhouse Decor for Spring

I don’t know what it is about lilacs, but just seeing a vase full or breathing in their fresh, clean scent makes me slow down and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. There’s something so enchanting and old-fashioned about lilacs. Maybe it’s because I have fond memories of my Grandmother’s backyard being choc-full of lilacs every spring. She had a grand row of bushes that acted as a fence between her and her neighbors. We would spend hours making lilac necklaces by stringing together the tiny flowers using a thread and needle.

I now have several of my own lilac bushes. Just about every room gets filled with a vase. I even decorate the patio with a vase or two. In this picture, I’ve packed a bunch into our rustic yellowware Marmiton Pitcher to help show off their old-fashioned charm.

If you can’t find any lilacs you can still enjoy that fresh, clean scent. Try Farmhouse Fragrance Sticks or Farmhouse Linen and Room Spray in Lilac. You can freshen your laundry with lilac Farmhouse Laundry Powder and Fabric Softener.

If you're having a guest, leave a vase by the bedside and a bar of Farmhouse Milled Soap in lilac as a special treat.

The great thing about these products is that even though the season for lilacs is fleeting, these products can remind you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures every day.