Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blue Bird Cigar Box

Vintage cigar boxes had such beautiful label designs. As cigar smoking became more popular, cigar companies would fight for attention by creating more and more elaborate cigar boxes. I just love how many of the images were very feminine for something so traditionally masculine.

I have fond memories of my dad's cigar smoke wafting through our summer cabin on rainy days. Getting one of his used cigar boxes was such a treat for me. I'd stash away memorabilia from family vacations or notes from bff's. It was hard to tell what was more important--the keepsakes or the beautiful box that held them.

This vintage style Blue Bird Cigar Box is a reproduction of the early 1900's cigar box by the popular Blue Bird brand. I think it's time to create some new memories for this little box. Available at Farmhouse Wares.


Building a House and Home said...

I love cigar boxes and have a small collection of them. They are great for artfully collecting odds and ends that would become clutter without a place to go - from the earrings I take off at the end of the work day so that Little Man doesn't use them to yank my ears to the CDs we happen to be listening to that week (that's a particularly big one!). I love the sturdy feel and the earthy smell of them, not to mention the look which can conjure an old man in suspenders as much as exotic courtly gentleman. I have never seen ones like these - so feminine. I love the juxtaposition. Great pick!

Southern Lady said...

I love cigar boxes. I had one when I was little that held all of my worldly treasures. I wish I knew what happened to it. Carla

melanie lace said...