Thursday, January 29, 2009

I heart magazines

This is just one of my many embarrassing magazine piles. I LOVE magazines. I don’t crack open a magazine until I know I can dedicate some serious quality time. I also go crazy if someone is reading a magazine I haven’t read yet and they start showing me pictures. That’s just sacrilegious to me. I savor every quiet moment--every morsel of my magazine.

My Mom is the same way. She has magazines that must date back to the 70's, and she knows if you've touched them. She knows.

Of course I have guilt about all that paper. I know it’s not good for the planet, but if I let a magazine go, I recycle. Anywho, I'm very sad today because I keep learning of more magazines biting the dust. Today it was Domino. Last week it was Country Home and before that it was Cottage Living.

Something has to change, so that I don’t lose one of my favorite pastimes. There are some good thoughts about this topic being expressed over at the blog Please sir. Check it out and add your two cents.