Monday, August 12, 2019

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen

Pie Making Season
from Farmhouse Wares

We're so excited that pie making season is upon us. Check out the shop for all the essentials to create a vintage style farmhouse kitchen that suits the season perfectly.

This Galvanized Batter Bucket is reminiscent of old barn and kitchen utility buckets, which could tackle many chores. Put if to use to display flowers and more. For decorative purposes only. 6¼"W x 7½"D x 8"H

Keep butter close at hand with our Vintage Style Glass Butter Dish. Reminiscent of those found in old country kitchens, its vintage design brings fond memories of grandma's kitchen. 6.5"L x 4.75"H x 3"W

Inspired by an antique shop find, this Antique Style Bakery Sign is reminiscent of one you might see by an old farm stand in the country or at the local bakery down on main street. The vintage style graphics and weathered finish give it plenty of farmhouse charm. A friendly addition to any kitchen or dining room. Mounts on saw-tooth picture hangers. Made of metal and measures 23½"W x ¼"D x 18"H.

Perfect for summer porches and patios! This Vintage Style Screen Dome Fly Catcher takes care of pesky flies the old-fashioned (and environmentally friendly) way--without harmful toxins. This charming and natural fly catcher will have guests buzzing as your garden becomes a fly free zone. A greener way to trap flies. The removable screened dome allows for easy disposal and cleaning. It measures 5" dia. x 6½"H.