Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Pretty Porches and Patios

Pretty Porches and Patios
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Our Old Farmhouse Dinner Bell reminds us of simpler times. An easy way to call the family in from playing or from farm chores, this heavy cast iron bell will add a vintage touch to your porch or entryway. 4"W x 5½"D x 6"H

Start an indoor herb garden while adding vintage style to your potting shed with this handsome wooden crate. Our Herb Box with Pots includes the wooden crate with screen printed logo and two handmade terra cotta pots. Plants not included. 9½"W x 4¾"D x 3"H

We love outdoor dining, but flies can be pesky. This Mason Jar Fly Catcher takes care of these pests the old-fashioned (and environmentally friendly) way--without harmful toxins. This charming and natural fly catcher will have guests buzzing as your garden becomes a fly free zone. A greener way to trap flies. Especially great for fruit flies. Add apple cider vinegar in the jar as bait. 3.25” Diam x 5.25”H

There is something magical about the way fireflies light up the night. Our Glass Jar Firefly LED String Lights capture the feeling of simple childhood summer nights spent chasing fireflies with the cool grass under our feet.
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