Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All these living things

We are down to just three chickens in our coop. These old hens do not produce much in the way of eggs anymore. We keep saying we'll get more chickens this spring, but life is busy and we haven't found the time yet. There is a part of me that doesn't want to do it all over again. The truth is I’m a little overloaded taking care of all the living things. We have aging parents that need us, a teenage daughter that keeps us moving with all of her sports, a rambunctious puppy and two old cats, and a huge garden that feeds us through the winter. But we I know we’ll get chickens. I know we will not just because of how much we like our organic eggs, but because they connect us to the community. Because we share our eggs with other living things: friends and neighbors. They return the favor in all kinds of ways, with baked goods and warm conversation.  Yes, caring for living things is hard work, but it’s the most important and satisfying work we do. 


Mary Ann Potter said...

Ah, yes --- caring for critters is so satisfying! We have 3 standard donkeys, a dog, and 10 chickens (eight hens and two roosters). Lots of work. Lots of fun. The newest hens are just 7 weeks old; today they were introduced to the big pen in which we keep their coop and enclosed run, and they're having so much fun right now! Free-ranging in a secure spot is good for them. The donkeys (Otis, Opie, and Virgil) greet us all the time with their distinctive brays, and the dog is our constant companion, so sweet and attentive to all the animals. We are blessed with great neighbors who care for the critters when we're away, and we return the favor. Sending blessings from here on the farm!

farmhouse wares said...

Mary, Thank you for sharing and passing along your positive nature. Love the names of the Donkeys. Virgil is my favorite.