Friday, November 30, 2012

The Christmas Tree Game

This time of year we have a family tradition that started about twenty years ago, before my husband and I had children. It's called the Christmas Tree Game and it's pretty easy to play, but can get very competitive. Before we head out for a day of shopping or taking a road trip of any kind, we each must guess the number of Christmas trees we will see on car roofs or in the back of trucks. I'm proud to say I'm pretty good at the game. My daughter is not pleased about this and I gently remind her that I've been playing a lot longer, but she has taken to changing her guess throughout our trips. This breaks the one and only rule of the game, and I let it slide to keep the peace. I introduced the game to my older sister over Thanksgiving weekend. She was the driver, and I don't think she liked the game because every time we screamed "Christmas Tree", she nearly had a heart attack. Some people just don't have the stamina for the game. Even still, I hope you'll give it a try. The winner gets bragging rights.