Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cozy Kitchen Makeover

Last week I mentioned how I gave my farmhouse kitchen a much needed makeover. I wanted to make things a little cozier, especially since the kitchen seems to be the hub of all our activity. Most of our meals are served in the dining room or out on the patio in the summer, so the kitchen has become more of a place to chat and enjoy cocktails as we cook. Because of this, I wanted seating that was a little more comfortable than the small antique Hitchcock chairs we had (shown in the before picture). I also cringed over the old round table we had. It was useful while my daughter was small as she could go to town with her art projects and other messes without me freaking out.

I painted the walls a creamy white to brighten things up. Then I found a wicker settee that fit perfectly in the small space. I made the farm toile pillows and the yellow check cushion. I had the antique farm table in storage, just waiting for the day my daughter was old enough not to destroy it. I found the cheerful yellow wingback chair at a tag sale. I actually love the feeling created by this large upholstered chair. It makes it feel more like a place to sit and chat or read. We tend to hang in here a lot more since the re-do, which is great because the kitchen also has beautiful views of my gardens. It may be a small farmhouse kitchen, but now it's a cozy one too.