Monday, August 9, 2010

carrot harvest

Bugs Bunny would be proud—perhaps even a little envious of our carrot harvest this year. I started them early because of the unseasonably warm New England spring we had. I did very little prep work to the soil, in fact, I didn't even amend the soil like I usually do. Nonetheless, we yielded a beautiful crop.

We've been enjoying them, snacking on them with dips. Our favorite recipe is super easy. Basically I sauté a little fresh ginger and minced garlic in butter (about five tablespoons). Then I add a pound of carrots (cut anyway you like), a cup of organic orange juice, and about 1/4 cup of honey. Cook until the liquid is greatly reduced, leaving the carrots coated (almost caramelized), but not wet.

Now the trouble is, after gorging ourselves on our new crop, we've run out of new ways to prepare them. Right now we’re looking for dishes that we can prepare and freeze for the winter months. If you have a favorite carrot recipe, please send it my way. I need all the ideas I can get.